About Sharhi's Desserts 

Sharhi's Desserts was created in February 2012. I decided to launch a cupcake business as a source of income to assist with the educational cost of Law School. After researching the business model and testing recipes on coworkers and friends, I decided that not only did I have a great product but a GREAT Business as well. My creativity bloomed with exciting cupcake  flavors such as Banana Pudding, Pound Cake, Pink Lemonade and Peach Cobbler to name a few. After practicing and perfecting my craft I made the leap and watched my BUSINESS and BRAND grow. 

Sharhi's Desserts started as a college fund and quickly turned into a true labor of love. As the brand continues to grow some new additions are coming including specialty brownies, cookies and popcorn all of these will continue to come to our customer "Straight from the oven to your table".